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Visually, Pollen Sonata reminds us of Katamari Damacy, but the gameplay is strongly reminiscent of the indie PC game Cloud. You can't go wrong with that combination, and the game looks very intriguing with its calm atmosphere and free-form gameplay. Definite potential.


So to all the publishers reading this: cooommeee oooonnnnn. If you can pony up for Wing Island, you can surely pony up for this.


The game also seems to have one of those "finding the epic in the small, unseen events in life" plots, and I'm a total sucker for them. Here's hoping we see more on this soon.

The Guardian

Little is known about the studio responsible but this trailer's building a bit of a buzz on the 'blogosphere'. Lot's of people are mentioning Pilot Wings. But with... pollen...


The game looks fantastic and I hope it finds a publisher and a home on the Wii. The Wiimote seems like a natural fit for this title, and the system could use some really experimental games.

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Quotes taken from Go Nintendo:

"Wow, this is actually… a really great idea!" - Glory of the Snow

"I LOVE the music in that trailer. Wow." - SeraphisCain

"Looks nice and cozy!" - JornHansen

"DO WANT! DO WANT! Looks awesome, and that soundtrack?! Freaking OMG worthy. Love it." - wiiovercome

"I love it it makes me feel good" - NintendoRev.Forever

"I’d buy it" - Bjorna

"It’s very artistic and abstrait" - chris316

"A bit on the “WTF” side of things" - samiam03

"Could be the type of game the industry needs" - cheswick

"Could be fun and it´s a great and original idea" - sakuragi

"This is a cool idea. I hope it turns out on Wii." - videogamer99

"Katamari-ish, really cool idea." - Pit_Icarus

"That’s the most beautifull thing i’ve seen in quite some time." - PedroMontana

"It reminds me of Cubivore, Tail of the Sun, and Chibi Robo." - Tron Knotts

"It look relaxing unlike most games out today" - wisekris

"I hope they make it, I really do. Europe needs more developers to create a greater divercity." - thecurehead

"Looks to have very good potential." - MasterM

"This looks like a brilliant idea, I hope they get their funding." - ChewBaccy

"A very interesting premise." - Rioka


Quotes taken from 4 color rebellion:

"Truly amazing." - Jamie

"I want it download. it looks good too." - EOM

"Agreed - VERY nice looking. I would definitely be interested in trying that out." - Eric

"The “cutscene” was awesome-looking and the gameplay had a very Katamari vibe to it, at least graphically. I want it." - Mushroom Pie

"I really like the painted art style" - Tony

"it reminded me of ICO" - Cyberg-Ares

"‘Pollen Sonata’ looks charming" - Squick


Quotes taken from Kotaku:

"This would make a very nice XBLA title! :)" - Hammer24

"Hope it gets published." - Ghede

"I think this would be an excellent VC title" - shaunomacx

"this game looks awesome and really does remind me of Pilot Wings" - jp182

"I want this pretty bad." - xerxes7

"they could have a very cool chillout type game on their hands" - russtophiles

"The scale of the game reminds me of Buck Bumble for the 64" - Sasuntsi Davit

"That looks incredibly relaxing." - bluemeep

"This game looks interesting. If it was a game for the upcoming VC original content, I'd buy it." - sweetie55

"This is exactly the type of game I hope they start making for the Wii" - videobo

"The music alone won me over..." - Tenno

"Cool and cute concept. Hooray for alliteration!" - onikuwagata


Quotes taken from NeoGAF:

"Looks different enough to be cool." - Buttonbasher

"the style while flying in the air is really nice" - Neo Child

"very interesting concept." - titiklabingapat

"Looks neat" - mugwhump

"Nintendo should listen to their own PR and be actively scooping up devs like these" - BrodiemanTTR

"I liked the style they used. The music was very nice. " - The M.O.B

"North european sensibility ... lovely style" - xxaavvii


Quotes taken from Nintendo Wii Fanboy:

"I'd play it. Kinda looks like a modified marble/puzzle game." - Ghen

"They have my attention. The music is awesome" - Dan


Quotes taken from Wii's World:

"I like the visual style" - Chaos

"Original, I have to say." - lickwid

"Beautiful." - soulbreather

"Innovative, interesting, and overall a perfect game for the Wii." - Scooby Jew

"fantastically presented, stupendously unexplored, and mindblowingly beautiful. I'll definitely buy" - Hey


Quotes taken from Destructoid:

"Can't deny it looks beautiful" - JimSterling

"I love this kind of thing." - ColetteBennett

"I played this game, and it's pretty dang cool." - charliesuh

"The PC tech demo is pretty nice" - ZakCanard


Quotes taken from

"AU MANN WIE GEIL...." - Erz-engel

"auch mal was Total anderes!!!! Und das macht das Spiel aufeine weise sehr Intressant!!!" - Bomberpilot


Quotes taken from TIGSource:

"Weird but real nice" - Isador21

"I think it looks awesome!" - Mazapán

"the music is exceptional :)" - tara


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